Improving STEM Education via NLP, Visualization, and Mobile Interfaces

1)      Download the CourseMIRROR iOS app from the link essaywriterusa below (or directly search “CourseMIRROR” in the App Store):


Picture1Figure 1. Left: Sign up page of CourseMIRROR. Middle: The initial course list view (without token associated). Right: The settings page

2)      After installation, open CourseMIRROR. Please make sure your phone has Internet access. For new users, click “Sign Up” to sign up a new account (Figure 1, left). The username and email address are unique identifiers for each user.

3)      After sign up, you will be automatically redirected to the initial course list essaywriterusaview (Figure 1, middle). 

4)      To get access to a course, please input the unique token (1 lowercase letter + 4 digits)  that was assigned to you by the researchers. Go to “Settings” (Figure 1, right) and click “Add New Token”. After input the token correctly, you can see the corresponding course in the course list (Figure 2, left).

5)      By clicking the course item, you can see the corresponding lectures (Figure 2, middle). Each lecture has four states: not open for reflection (with a lock icon), open for reflection (with a pen icon), reflection submitted (with a check mark icon), and past due date (with a lock icon). You can submit reflections for the lectures that are currently open for reflections. Clicking the lecture item will lead you to the reflection submission page where you can start writing reflections (Figure 2, right). After submitting reflections to certain lectures, you can also view reflection summaries of these lectures later when the summaries are ready.

Figure 2. Left: Course list. Middle: Lecture list. Right: Reflection writing interface.

Please make sure that you submit the reflection for the lecture within one hour after the lecture ends. Thank you!

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