Improving STEM Education via NLP, Visualization, and Mobile Interfaces

For Other Users

Other users (i.e. blackberry, PC users) can use our CourseMIRROR web app. Special optimizations have been applied for mobile browsers when accessing the web app.

Here is an example of using the web app on an iPhone. Please note that the CourseMIRROR iOS app is available in the App Store, and iOS users are encouraged to download and use the app. This example illustrates how to use the web app with a web browser, and please make corresponding adaptations when using it on your phone or PC.

1)      Open Safari (or the web browser on your phone/PC) and enter the following URL:  (for ENGR132)  (for PSY422)

then you can see the homepage of the web app (Figure 1, left).

Figure 4

Figure 1. Left: Homepage of the CourseMIRROR web app. Middle: Click the “Share” icon and “Add to Home Screen” (Please use the similar function with your browser). Right: Input your token and click “Next” to start writing reflections.

2)      Click the “Share” icon (Figure 1, left) and then select “Add to Home Screen” (Figure 1, middle). Please use the similar function with your browser.

3)      After step 2, you can find the CourseMIRROR icon in your iPhone home screen. When you launch the link from the icon, it becomes a full screen app.

4)      To submit reflections, first input your token (1 lowercase letter + 4 digits) and then answer the questions and click “submit” page to submit the reflection.

Please make sure that you submit the reflection for the lecture within one hour after the lecture ends. Thank you!